What kind of dances do you offer?
We offer ballroom and Latin dances, which include Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Salsa and more.

Celebrity Dance Studio provides instruction for the beginners to the competitive dancers of all ages.

What do I wear?
There is no dress code. Come in casual, comfortable clothes that give you the freedom to move.

What kind of shoes do I need?
Any type of shoe will be appropriate, with the exception of sneakers. Just like your clothing, wear what is most comfortable for you. Heels are not required for ladies unless you prefer them.

How long does it take to learn?
It really depends on the individual. Everyone works at his or her own pace. Teachers will evaluate students so that he or she can reach their individual goals.


Do I need a partner?
No. Our private lessons can be taught on a one-on-one basis with your instructor as your dance partner. Our group classes are always a mix of singles and couples. Feel free to come alone; you’ll soon meet new friends.

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