The I do’s of Wedding Dances

Attn: MEN. Nothing means more to your bride-to-be then to take lessons for your wedding. It means a lot and it will make you look overall fantastic for suggesting it. In fact, she will brag to her girlfriends just because you mentioned to do it! Now most people assume because I am all “pro” dance I want to see something over the top choreographed and overly complicated and in your face DANCE! To be honest the issue I have and something that needs to be said about wedding dances in general is the organization of the dance itself. What I mean is, if you decide to stand there and sway like we did at prom or 8th grade, great, good for you go make that the best sway in one spot dance ever! My point is when the actual dance happens a lot of times at weddings the bride and groom have no clue like they “forgot” they had to do a dance and it slipped their mind that “oh yeah people will be watching us for 2-3 minutes, we should maybe know what to do.” Again I’m not saying years of preparation(although that would be an insanely awesome wedding dance) all I’m saying is know how to do a simple walk on the floor, a casual dance with your new wife, and a tasteful way to exit the dance floor. Now, if you don’t know how to do that and need help, that alone would be a good reason to take lessons. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but just doing that will go a long way and help keep the flow of the day better by making transitions overall smoother and getting your guests up quicker to enjoy some dancing as well.