Fixing That Awkward Social Dance Thing Part 1: Getting on the Dance Floor

Social dancing is and will always be a part of our society whether at a wedding, formal dance, or a club (you know...those places where you can’t think because the music is so loud you’re pretty sure you went deaf or your ears are bleeding). This topic is one I will continue to come back to as it is the most common request from people. Once you agree that “yes Mr. Enthusiast, I want to do something more but where do I start?” Well, dance lessons will be the best start, but what I can also help you understand is some common social dance courtesy:
        Escort both ways- This one is for the guys (pay attention men). When you ask a lady to dance, take her out to the dance floor. Yes a simple escort (that thing where you take her hand walk out to the floor and place yourselves to dance) will go a long way, but it is also so, so, SO important to escort her back to where she sat at the end of the dance. Why? Well if you escort her out on the dance floor and show that you can dance then something very important happens. You are showing her a good time and respect for her by being a gentleman (yes they still do exist). Remember…women love a man who knows how to dance.
        Never say never- Ladies the title says it best. When a gentleman asks you to dance, as a lady you should always say yes as a courtesy (it takes courage to ask someone to dance, and let’s not forget how hard it is to get guys up to dance in the first place). I know you might be uncomfortable especially if it’s a stranger, but at the end of the day you might have some fun and get to know someone new.
    Stay tuned for my next social dance segment to come!