Don’t Stop and Ask for Directions

Once you’ve decided to take part in learning to dance, or you want to just go on the floor and test your natural born skills, you first have to understand the direction and floor etiquette involved. The first step is understanding that all traveling dances (any dance that moves progressively forward throughout most of the dance) has to move counterclockwise around the dance floor. When you go out to social events, typically dancers will travel counterclockwise and the dancers will also stay on the outside edge of the floor for maximum floor utilization. We also have spot dances (dances that stay in the same spot and aren’t meant to travel around the floor).  We don’t have a specific direction for spot dances, however when doing spot dances always go more towards the middle of the floor and not the outside edge. But Mr. Enthusiast why does a spot dance need to be more in the middle if no one would travel anyway? This is where it gets a little dicey, some songs can be either a traveling dance or a spot dance. Figuring out the difference between the two can be a separate blog on itself, just know that you have to read the floor and you will be fine. When I say read the floor, it isn’t like reading your favorite novel, what I mean is observe the floor and see if you see both traveling and spot dances. If you do see both being done, choose whatever dance you feel most comfortable doing and follow the proper etiquette.