If the Shoes Fit…Wear Them!

Once you start learning how to ballroom dance it is very important to have the right shoes to dance in. In the beginning it is ok to wear something comfortable (except gym shoes…try to avoid gym shoes for they usually stick on the surface of most dance floors). Ladies try to find something that will hold your feet in place as you move. After you have taken a few more lessons and have two or three dances you are working on, it is now time to invest in some dance shoes.  Dance shoes are great they are designed to glide when you need them too or stop on a dime. They have suede underneath that allows all dancing movements to happen and should never be worn outside, on pavement, and especially not on any wet surface. There is a little maintenance that comes with these shoes after several uses you will need to brush the bottom of your shoes with a special wire brush to keep them acting like new. Any studio or dance instructor will help you find a brush or have one handy to show how to use it and what it looks like, so down the road you will be able to get one as well. There are many shoe styles out there, if this is your first pair always go simple and with something you will be more comfortable in. My advice for any gentleman or lady is to consult with your teacher to know what style would be best for you. As time progresses and you get better and want to go even more serious into dance, with advice from your instructor you can purchase specialty shoes for performances and showcases. There are many different concepts to understand in purchasing shoes and there a lot of variety out there, but just know starting with one pair that you get use to and get comfortable with will make a world of difference in your dancing.