Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to dance is always a good start, but if you want to progress a little faster you would need to practice what you learned on your lessons.  Many people think they need to have an hour (or some outrageous amount of time) dedicated to practicing their dancing, but simply taking 10-15 min reviewing a basic step or just one aspect you learned will make a big improvement. This also doesn’t mean you need to practice daily, just try to practice one other time before your next lesson and that would make a big difference. Another great way to practice is to go out dancing! By going out and trying your dance skills you can learn to practice in a more realistic setting. Typically on a lesson it is you and the teacher and not many distractions. When you go out dancing you will have many distractions including people, different sounds or music you are not used too. Pushing yourself to practice in either case will make you a better dancer and make for a more enjoyable time on the dance floor.