“But what if I can’t…” Common Concerns of Learning to Dance

In this blog I am going to be talking about common concerns most people ask when they are wanting to learn to dance:

“But I don’t have a partner”- One of the top concerns for someone to learn to dance is the idea that if I don’t have a partner, I can’t learn to dance (if it makes you happy, then do it!). The reason there are male and female dance instructors is to cater to those that might not have a partner. Most dance studios will pair you with a dance professional, and also offer dance parties on a monthly or weekly basis to meet people and potential dance partners.


“I don’t have any dance shoes”- In the beginning don’t worry too much about getting the best dance shoes, just wear something comfortable. Down the road as you realize dancing is something you want to continue to do, then I would say purchase dance shoes. My only advice would be to not wear gym shoes, for they stick to most surfaces and prevent you from being able to dance.


“I have two left feet”- This is the oldest excuse in the book (if there was an excuse book on dance that is). Fred Astaire said it best: “if you can walk you can dance” and to be honest it can be that simple. Everyone starts somewhere, even that phenomenal dance instructor you see flying by on the floor, started as a beginner.


“I don’t have any rhythm”- I believe everyone has rhythm and can obtain it through ballroom dancing. Rhythm is like a foreign language…ANYONE can learn it at any age. Like anything else it takes time and repetition to master, but that’s why we dance to music as much as possible.


“It’s too late for me to learn to dance”- Learning anything new is never easy, but as long as one is willing to put in the time and work there is no age restriction. The first step (dance pun intended) is realizing you want to do something, and the second is not letting anything, or anyone stop you from doing it. It’s never too late to learn!