Preparing for Your First Competition

Competition is just days away, and everyone is looking great! All the practice you’ve put in definitely shows! You may be wondering, what now? What happens during these last few days? How can we prepare physically and mentally? For those of you who competed in any sport, treat ballroom competition like a competitive sporting event. For everyone else: What do I mean by this? Treat your body right. These next few days are critical to your performance. Stay hydrated. Get adequate sleep. Eat healthy amounts of healthy food. Avoid binge drinking. If you are injured, rest. Ballroom is a performance art. You need to look good. More importantly, you need to know you look good. Here are some suggestions to help you look and feel your best:


  • Get a haircut if you need it
  • Paint your nails (and toenails)
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Pluck your eyebrows/unibrow/whatever
  • Shave your legs/underarms
  • Practice makeup
  • Practice your ballroom hairstyle
  • Try on your costumes
  • Figure out hair accessories
  • Exfoliate skin
  • Moisturize skin
  • Revival kit(Gatorade, banana, chocolate)
  • Bring hairspray and eyelash glue
  • Tan 


  • Get a haircut (men, you look so much sharper with cropped hair…takes less gel, too)
  • Shave your face
  • Make sure you have black socks
  • Revival kit(Gatorade, banana, chocolate)
  • Bring hair gel
  • Tan 

Lastly and most importantly, this is your first competition! You have successfully learned all your dances and choreography. That is something to celebrate! Get out there and dance!