Learning Together: The Many Benefits of Group Classes

Everybody knows private lessons are one of the best ways to dive into your dancing and improve yourself.  You get fantastic one-on-one attention and can learn to dance well with your instructor or partner.  But what happens when you are ready to go out and dance socially?  While you have honed your skills and can match your partner consistently in private lessons, what happens when you have to dance with a complete stranger?  That’s where group classes come in!

Group classes are a fantastic way to not only learn new things, but to test your skills out with a variety of people.  Every dancer is different and each one has their own style.  Whether you are a lead or a follow, it can take some getting used to.  Group classes will typically rotate leads and follows around so that everybody has a chance to try out that new move with somebody else.  This helps you to discover your own style and find what adjustments you can make with different people.

What defines an excellent dancer is not only knowledge and timing of the steps, but the pairing with a partner and how they can move, communicate and perform together.  Group classes bridge the gap between forming your own dancing ability and adapting to another’s ability.  Group classes also help to bolster your confidence before dancing at a big event as they introduce you to a smaller group of people before taking a plunge outside the studio.  And let’s not forget the bonus of getting to meet new people who already share something in common with you – they like to dance!  As you can see, group classes are a great way to get your dancing started, and make a wonderful addition to your private lessons!