Wedding Dance Trends for 2016

Warmer weather approaches, and with it, wedding season will soon be upon us!  Dancing continues to be an integral part of the wedding celebration – from the first dance as husband and wife to the mother-son and father-daughter dances.  And I know we all bust out our favorite moves during the reception (even if it’s the sprinkler or the lawnmower).

The wedding celebration is always a unique day, and what better way to add to the memories than with a fun approach to dancing?  Every couple has a different style, so I am here to offer a few popular options that are sure to make your first dance special!

There is a reason something becomes a tradition – because it works and it works well! The classic way to do a first dance is to learn the steps together and put them all in a specific order to the music.  An excellent benefit from this option is that the choreography takes up the entire song.  Once the steps are all learned, you can practice the routine until it is comfortable.  That way you get a handle of the moves, you know what is coming next and you look great while doing it!

Open Dance/Freestyle
A lot of couples are stepping up their game on the dance floor without a fully choreographed routine or set pattern order - this is called Open Dancing.  The couple will learn several dance steps together to build up their bag of tricks.  Once the music starts, they will pull from that bag of tricks in no particular order and dance as just a lead and follow.  This brings a personal touch to the dance, as the couple does whatever move they want, whenever they want to, making the dance all their own!

Choreographed Compilation
Take your first dance song, add some of your favorite tunes and full choreography - what do you get? - the Choreographed Compilation.  This style has spiked in popularity lately, especially with videos that get posted online and go viral.  The compilation usually starts with a typical first dance song and then ups the tempo to some fun and rockin’ tunes, all the while dancing to some outrageous choreography!  It has not only become popular for first dances, but for father-daughter and mother-son dances, as well.  This choice allows you to personalize the routine to several of your favorite songs and bring an awesome surprise to all of your guests!

Wedding Party Formation Dance
The Formation is a wild alternative to a first dance that gets the entire wedding party involved.  It takes the fun of a fully choreographed routine to a whole new level with the amount of people involved.  There are several variations for this option, including (but not limited to) the following:
                - have everybody dance one large routine to a single song
                - a mash-up routine featuring different members of the party for each song with a grand finale
                - the wedding party “crashes” the first dance and it turns into a formation routine
                - and my personal favorite, the Bridesmaids vs. Groomsmen dance-off

Line Dance
Line dances are not just for country-folk anymore!  They are a fantastic way to get everybody up and moving on the dance floor.  The steps are typically fairly easy to learn, they have a repetitive pattern, and they can be done to a wide variety of music.  You can include all of your guests or just have it be for the wedding party.  Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Of course, these are only a few ideas.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and express yourself in a memorable way!  It will only add to your special day and bring an experience you can look back on fondly.  Plus, any of these options are WAY more impressive than doing that awkward high-school sway in front of everybody!

Check back next week as we talk about the first episode of the Spring Season of Dancing with the Stars!

Happy Dancing!