Dancing with the Stars Season 22 Week 2

Week 2 brought the sizzle with Latin Night!  Each couple was limited to dancing a Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Paso Doble, Cha-Cha or Argentine Tango.  With that list of dances and the first elimination on the line, the heat was on!

Right out of the gate the professionals performed a live wire act to the song “Shake That” by Samanta Jade feat. Pitbull.  It always sets a nice tone for the show to have the pros dance and you can get a feel for the night.  The pros bring technique, speed, precision and performance elements that are polished, so you have a nice primer of what the judges will be looking for when the celebrities compete!

Jodie & Keo – Samba to “Bun Up the Dance” by Dillion Francis
Carrie – 7Len – 7Bruno – 7 for a total of 21

Jodie really impressed me for a this being a week 2 dance!  She has already gotten more comfortable on the floor, and with a bit more confidence and sure steps, I think she will be quite the competitor!  All of the judges enjoyed the performance, with Len suggesting some stronger leg work.  Carrie and Bruno definitely see her strides, and like how she is progressing, but urged her to get out of her head and relax.

Marla & Tony – Argentine Tango to “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran
Carrie – 7Len – 6Bruno – 7 for a total of 20

Marla is starting to really catch on! She had some great footwork along with fantastic frame.  Argentine is a difficult dance to learn when you have the time to spend on it, let alone only a week!  Bruno wanted Marla to get “down and dirty” while Carrie was on the other end enjoying the “classy and sophisticated” poise Marla brought.  Len wanted a bit more intimacy, but still felt the performance was clean.

Geraldo & Edyta – Salsa to “Ran Kan Kan” by Tito Puente
Carrie – 5Len – 4Bruno – 4 for a total of 13

I am still not sure what to make of the performance, but kudos to Geraldo for trying his best.  We saw a bit more movement from him, but that’s not saying a lot.  They definitely went for the humor here, and while they did get a couple of laughs for the parody of Donald Trump, the steps were fumbled through and lack-luster at best.  Carrie was encouraging, saying there was improvement over last week with a bit more rhythm.  Len told it like it is, and was happy to see Geraldo give it his best shot.  Bruno said he wasn’t sure what the content was and that he “loved it for all the wrong reasons.”

Paige & Mark – Salsa to “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar feat. Lucenzo
Carrie – 8Len – 8Bruno – 8 for a total of 24

What a great routine!  With Mark injured during the Sunday rehearsal, Paige was nervous about performing.  Luckily enough, another member of the dance troupe, Alan, stepped up to the plate.  And what a great performance!  Despite rushing a few times, Paige brought an exciting energy with an ease to her steps for one of the best dances so far!  Len gave praises to Paige, Mark and Alan for a job well done and smooth execution.  Bruno and Carrie told her to watch her timing, but were wowed with her power as a dancer.

Antonio & Sharna – Rumba to “Adorn” by Miguel
Carrie – 6Len – 6Bruno – 7 for a total of 19

The more I watch Antonio go, the more I enjoy it!  You can see the dancer inside of him that wants to come out and play, but he’s not quite there yet.  Antonio appears to have an understanding of what he needs to do – it’s just getting out of his head and applying it to his body that will take some work.  Each judge recognized his natural talent and applauded the chemistry.  Carrie was looking for a sturdier frame, while Bruno and Len are looking for a more comfortable execution of his talents.

Kim & Sasha – Salsa to “Conga” by Gloria Estefan
Carrie – 7Len – 6Bruno – 6 for a total of 19

Kim brought an exciting energy, and the performance could have been stellar if she had not lost track or her choreography.  Once she slipped up, she made some faces and had a hard time getting back up on the horse.  Kim has a lot going for her, and I think she has a shot at becoming great so long as she can maintain performance attitude and not break down when there’s a mistake.  Carrie said Kim had “Tina Turner legs and Beyonce energy” and recommended using that to her advantage.  Len admired Kim’s attack and drive, and thinks she shows a lot of potential.  Bruno urged Kim to keep having fun and not to mind the mistakes – just keep going.

Nyle & Peta – Rumba to “Stole the Show” by Parson James
Carrie – 7Len – 6Bruno – 7 for a total of 20

I am still amazed watching Nyle dance and knowing that he is deaf, but this second dance was a bit more rough around the edges.  As a whole the performance was solid, but it was way to busy.  The choreography and the music did not seem to fit together.  Len felt the lift was good, but that the piece as a whole was too hectic and needed to calm down.  Bruno and Carrie agreed, but noted that there should be smoothness and more attention to the musicality while dancing.

Mischa & Artem – Cha-Cha to “Pata Pata” by Miriam Makeba
Carrie – 5Len – 5Bruno – 5 for a total of 15

It was nice to see Mischa move a bit more for this number.  She definitely had more attitude, though there were fumbles and she had a hard time staying on beat.  It felt like she was trying her best but her mind kept getting muddled with too much to think about.  Bruno was happy to see more life and personality from her, as was Carrie.  Len appreciated the content, but felt Mischa lost focus.  All three judges noted the mistakes, but praised her for giving it a good shot.

Von & Witney – Cha-Cha to “Ain’t Too Cool” by LunchMoney Lewis
Carrie – 7Len – 6Bruno – 7 for a total of 20

When Von took the floor, it was nice to see him with such personality.  The Cha-Cha went well, and it looked like Von felt comfortable in the spotlight.  He gave a solid second performance with some minor hiccups here and there.  Compared to last week, there are some small improvements in his footwork.  Carrie felt that Von was dancing too small and wanted him to “own the floor.”  Len and Bruno both agreed, but felt the performance was well done overall.

Wanya & Lindsay – Salsa to “Echa Pa’lla” by Pitbull
Carrie – 8Len – 8Bruno – 8 for a total of 24

To me, this was the best performance of the night!  Wanya stepped up his game even further from last week!  He had presence and energy, and a fun flair that kept the audience and judges excited.  He has the right framework and clearly his musical background helps with the dancing.  While it was not perfect, each judge had nothing but praises for the couple, with Carrie even calling him the king of the ballroom!

Doug & Karina – Paso Doble to “Buster Voodoo” by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Carrie – 7Len – 6Bruno – 7 for a total of 20

I was happy to see a Paso Doble for a performance, as it is one of my favorite dances!  Doug made a large improvement from last week, and was not nearly as clumsy.  The choreography was simple, but I think it helped to add to the performance.  With Paso being such a theatrical dance, it was great to see Doug put forth some attitude and drive.  Bruno remarked that he would like to see Doug’s hips forward more.  Carrie was impressed with how the he played to his strengths and made it all his own.  Len was pleased to see the improvements, noting that the dance had attack and purpose.

Ginger & Valentin – Samba to “Sorry” by Justin Bieber
Carrie – 7Len – 7Bruno – 7 for a total of 21

In the beginning it was a little slow, but once the dance got going, Ginger brought vigor and electricity!  Ginger made some mistakes, but did not show it and powered straight through.  As the performance went on, I felt it just got stronger and stronger.  It had a very “feel good” vibe to it, as Bruno exclaimed.  Len enjoyed seeing some classic Samba steps done well, and Carrie was glad to see Ginger find her own style.

At the end of it all, the three couples at the bottom were Mischa & Artem, Geraldo & Edyta and Doug & Karina. It came as no surprise to me as Geraldo and Edyta were the first to be eliminated.  Who will be eliminated next week?  Unless there is an astounding performance this Monday, my money is on Mischa & Artem to be out next.

This episode solidified my favorites as Wanya & Lindsay, Von & Witney, and Antonio & Sharna.  I have voted for my favorites, so don’t forget to do the same!  Catch you next week!

Until then…
Happy dancing!