Dancing with the Stars Season 22 Week 4

Our fourth week of competition mixed the thrill of dance with a bit of pixie dust for Disney Night!  The competitors brought life to songs from our favorite Disney films, making it a very magical evening!  Joining the table this week as a guest judge was season 16’s runner-up, Zendaya.  She was a fine fit, especially with her ties to Disney.

Having such a theatrical theme adds to the “showiness” of the numbers, and I feel like they can lose the actual dance because of that.  The previous numbers have already taken a good amount of liberty with steps, and this week was no exception.  Though I have to say, at the end of it all, I was still very entertained!

Antonio & Sharna – Jazz to “Friend Like Me” from Disney’s Aladdin
Carrie – 9Len – 8Zendaya – 9Bruno – 9 for a total of 35

I was so thrilled to see Antonio blast out of the gate with an explosive opening number!  We finally got to see that dancer in him come out and shine!  The steps were on time and were well placed, even with the speed of the music.  Using “Jazz” as the style of dance allows for a deep bag of tricks to use as it covers a wide range of movements.  While I was a bit disappointed that the performance wasn’t a typical ballroom dance selection, I was definitely impressed with Antonio’s showmanship.  Len was pleased to see Antonio bring out the inner dancer, Zendaya thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, Bruno thought it was magic, and Carrie was so pleased, she wished she had a friend like Antonio!

Marla & Tony – Waltz to “Part of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid
Carrie – 7Len – 7Zendaya – 7Bruno – 7 for a total of 28

It is tough to perform after such a high-energy piece, but Marla did fairly well.  She is continuing her consistent streak of 7’s from last week (so it’s too bad she’s not at some Las Vegas slot machines).  The number was smooth and flowing, and Marla let her natural elegance come forward.  There were moments that the frame seemed to drift, and the connection between Marla and Tony was tenuous.  Zendaya and Len admired the beautiful charm and romance Marla displayed, but Bruno wanted her to maintain body contact and Carrie warned her to be careful of her hands.

Nyle & Peta – Samba to “Trashin’ the Camp” from Disney’s Tarzan
Carrie – 8Len – 8Zendaya – 9Bruno – 9 for a total of 34

Things got wild with Nyle’s Samba!  The performance was solid, and the choreography lent itself well to the character of the music.  Nyle moved with great rhythm and had a sharp execution in his footwork – he even did a back flip!  His musicality and timing was superb which tied the piece together nicely.  Bruno and Carrie were wowed by Nyle’s dancing, and Len and Zendaya were charmed by his terrific charisma.

Doug & Karina – Jazz to “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Disney’s Mary Poppins
Carrie – 6Len – 6Zendaya – 6Bruno – 6 for a total of 24

Another number that utilized the “Jazz” for an all-encompassing style, I was not impressed by Doug’s routine.  He did his best, and had some nice character work, but could not seem to keep up.  In the beginning Doug had several slips and had some trouble with his footwork.  By the middle of the piece, Doug found his groove, and as Bruno put it “the medicine kicked in.”  Carrie saw some good things though she felt the number didn’t all come together.  Len was pleased with the character of the dance and commented that it was out of sync at times.  Though Zendaya and Bruno noted the mistakes, they both admired the personality.

Kim & Sasha – Quickstep to “I Wanna Be Like You” from Disney’s The Jungle Book
Carrie – 8Len – 8Zendaya – 8Bruno – 8 for a total of 32

Kim brought her best performance so far to the floor with this peppy Quickstep!  The fun Kim had while dancing was contagious, bringing wide smiles to the audience and judges alike.  Her steps were quite precise and she did well with some tough choreography.  Kim made clear improvements on her partnership and frame from last week.  Len and Zendaya delighted in the zip and diverting nature of the performance.  Bruno liked Kim’s speed and was glad to see her shoulders in the right place.  Carrie said Kim made it look easy and applauded the way both dancers worked together.

Jodie & Keo – Cha-Cha to “Try Everything” from Disney’s Zootopia
Carrie – 7Len – 6Zendaya – 7Bruno – 7 for a total of 27

This was a rough number.  Jodie made mistakes and tried to cover them up with high energy and a smile.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  Though she certainly tried to recover, the number was lackluster and she lost her audience.  I do not agree with the 7’s she received and personally thought all 6’s would have been fitting.  Zendaya was glad that Jodie kept going, and Bruno is looking forward to seeing more from her next performance.  Carrie wanted her to work on trusting her partner.  Len was happy to see her put forth all of her effort.

Von & Witney – Viennese Waltz to “A Dream is a Wish” from Disney’s live-action Cinderella
Carrie – 8Len – 8Zendaya – 8Bruno – 8 for a total of 32

By watching this performance, it was evident that Von worked hard to improve his dancing from last episode.  There were noteworthy improvements to his frame and posture.  Von’s footwork was smooth, and he had a graceful stride throughout all of the steps.  Bruno was enchanted with the improvements, but urged him to work on his turns.  Carrie and Len enjoyed the charm and elegance.  Zendaya was impressed with Von’s easy and graceful movements.  All around, it was a solid and entertaining performance.

Ginger & Valentin – Foxtrot to “Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Carrie – 9Len – 9Zendaya – 9Bruno – 9 for a total of 36

This was my favorite dance of the night!  Ginger put on an outstanding show!  Everything was on point, clear cut and done expertly.  Ginger had good timing and well-crafted showmanship!  There were several theatrical elements, and as Zendaya said, “it was like watching a Broadway musical.”  It was neat to see some Tango flavor mixed in with the dance, and all of the transitions were seamless.  Each judge was impressed – even Len gave up a 9!

Wanya & Lindsay – Samba to “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King
Carrie – 8Len – 9Zendaya – 9Bruno – 9 for a total of 35

Here was another astounding performance!  Wanya turned up the heat with his moves and confidence!  He stayed on tempo and brought out his own flair to the dance.  His leg work was fantastic and he was not afraid to get theatrical.  Once again, Len gave up a 9 with Zendaya and Bruno.  Carrie loved the performance, but thought Wanya was over-dancing it at the start.

Paige & Mark – Quickstep to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story
Carrie – 9Len – 9Zendaya – 9Bruno – 9 for a total of 36

Paige lit up the stage with a knock-out number!  Her steps were clean, frame was solid, and she managed to work her way with ease through some of the most difficult choreography this season.  Simply put, all of Paige’s hard work has paid off and she rocked it!  Zendaya thought it was amazing and Bruno loved the creativity of the steps.  Carrie acknowledged how difficult the dance was and praised Paige for making it look easy.  Len felt it was a perfect way to end the night.

With 8’s and 9’s coming out in storm, the competition is toughening up.  The couples in jeopardy this week were Marla & Tony and Jodie & Keo.  Marla and & Tony were eliminated this time around which did not surprise me too much.  I still think, especially after this week’s performance, that Doug & Karina are up on the elimination board, with Jodie & Keo not too far behind.

Disney night is always an exciting night, and this week was no exception.  By Week 4 the competitors really begin to split into top and bottom.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!  Who are your favorite couples, and what is your favorite dance so far?  Catch you next week!

Happy Dancing!