Socializing Steps: Social Dancing Do's & Don'ts

As dancing’s popularity continues to grow, more and more people are making their way onto the social dance scene.  Many clubs and ballrooms offer open dancing throughout the week, creating a lot of chances for you to test out your moves in a fun atmosphere!  And, besides, this is exactly what you are taking those lessons for!


So there you are – you have learned all of these dances, techniques and figures in your studio…why not put them to good use and utilize them where it counts?  Time to go out dancing!  A night of dancing on the town is not only a fun way to do something you enjoy, but a great way to meet people and see how well you adapt to different partners!


Now, social settings can be intimidating no matter who you are, so I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help ensure you get the most out of your social dancing experience!  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep things smooth!



·         escort your partner on AND off the floor – it is the courteous thing to do!

·         dance to the whole song – it lets your partner know you value their time!

·         remember your manners – please and thank you go a long way!

·         keep conversation light – don’t get into a discussion on the meaning of life, just chat!

·         stay hydrated – be sure to drink something between dances and pace yourself!

·         ask people you don’t know to dance – you might make a friend or two!

·         use appropriate frame and respect personal space – think of the golden rule!

·         follow line of dance when traveling around the floor – always counter-clockwise!

·         pay attention to other dancers on the floor – floorcraft helps avoid accidents!

·         stay in your lane – faster dancers to the outside of the floor, slower towards the center!

·         keep dancing – even through the mistakes!

·         be yourself – you are the only you out there, so remember your worth!

·         thank your partner when you are finished – it makes your partner feel appreciated!



·         turn down a first dance with somebody – it takes courage to ask somebody to dance, so give them the benefit of the doubt and dance with them – you won’t know how they are until you try!

·         stare – please remember to blink!

·         judge – everybody has different ability levels!

·         be offended if somebody turns you down – it’s nothing personal, and people just need a break sometimes!

·         give up on what you know – be confident and try out those moves!

·         forget to smile – it makes everything feel more comfortable!


These are just a few things to keep in mind to make sure you have a positive and memorable impact on the people you dance with.  As you go to more and more social dance events, things will become clearer and clearer, and you will become even more confident in yourself.  All it takes is practice and time!


I also recommend asking your dance instructor or other students at your studio about what makes a great social dancer.  Everybody has a different viewpoint and can offer advice on things you may not have thought on.  Those are the basics, so now all you need to do is get out there and give them a whirl!  Don’t be afraid and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Happy Dancing!