8 Dance-Themed Halloween Costumes (and 5 Terrible Dance Puns)

Halloween is coming up in a few short weeks and I know what the scenario might be for most of you…  The night before your Halloween party, you’ll probably be tearing through your closet, looking for clothes and accessories to throw together for a last-minute costume.  Well if you’re reading this now, you have no excuse for a lazy costume because I’m going to provide you with some ideas for dance-themed Halloween costumes!  Most of these costumes are easy to put together and they will also set you apart from everyone else at your party (or at the very least, you’ll get a chuckle from the other guests).


The Black Swan


The movie, Black Swan, is a psychological thriller about a principal dancer who is paranoid that another dancer will replace her when she is cast as the lead in a production of “Swan Lake”.  The movie is creepy, but the main character’s costume and makeup as the Black Swan is quite fantastic.  All you would need for this costume is black and white face make up, a tiara, a black top or leotard, and a black tutu.  Ballet shoes aren’t necessary, but they would definitely help to complete the prima-ballerina look!


“Dances with Wolves”


I’ve never actually seen the movie, Dances with Wolves…  I think Kevin Costner may or may have not been in it…  Anyway, I just saw the movie title and thought of a Halloween costume idea!  This would be the perfect opportunity for you to get a group of friends together, have them dress up as wolves and you as a regular dancer, and bust out in a group dance number at your next Halloween party!  This way you’d be literally “dancing with wolves!”  If you wanted to, you could even have your friends dress as werewolves, so that you’d be “dancing with werewolves”…


The Sharks and the Jets


The musical, West Side Story is about a boy and a girl from two rival gangs who end up falling in love (and I actually have seen this one).  The gangs are called the “Sharks” and the “Jets” and the musical features brilliant dance numbers between them.  This is another great chance for you to get a group of friends together on Halloween to dress up as the Sharks and Jets.  You could even have a dance-battle at the party to show your “rivalry!”




Funny story: When I first heard of the Foxtrot, I thought the dance had something to do with actual foxes…  When I found out that it has nothing to do with them, I was slightly disappointed…but I can still have fun with it!  To make this costume, all you need a standard/ballroom/competition dress or suit.  If you don’t already own competition dresses or suits, you can wear an evening gown or something similar.  From there, all you would need to do is make up your face so that it looks like a fox’s.  You can even get some fox ears to wear on your head!  If you can find a fake fox tail to wear, that would take your costume up to the next level, too!


The “Waltzing” Dead


The Walking Dead is a popular television series (and comic) set during a zombie apocalypse.  Zombies are a common Halloween costume, but you can add a little creativity to the concept by joining it with the Waltz (waltzing…walking…get it???)!  You would just need a ballroom gown or suit and lots of gory makeup to make you look like you are the living dead.  If you want to take it to the next level, bring a partner with you, have them dress as a “dead Waltzer” as well, and you both can bust out your best spooky Waltz at the party!


[Chips and] Salsa


If you’re not into Smooth dances and evening gowns, you can go the Latin route.  You could dress up as a Salsa dancer, but why just stop there?  You could add some amusement to it and dress up as chips and Salsa.  All you would need is a dress (preferably a red one) and a bag of tortilla chips to carry around with you.  If you don’t want to carry around a bag of chips, you can find a way to attach an empty tortilla chip bag to your dress so everyone will see it.  You could even take a label from a jar of salsa and attach it to your dress.  There’s also the opportunity to turn this one into a partner costume.  You can dress as “salsa” and your partner can be “the chips”.


Lemon “Merengue” Pie


Going along with the Latin theme, you could also dress as a Merengue dancer…but also as a lemon meringue pie…making you a lemon “Merengue” pie…  This is a bit strange, but you can find a Halloween costume of a literal pie, wear that, and do the Merengue all night at your party.  If don’t want to buy a pie costume, you could make your own by wearing a flared yellow dress and a fluffy white hat (to signify the meringue).  If all else fails, you could just bring a lemon “merengue” pie for everyone to eat.  This way, you’ll still be able to get your joke in without worrying about the costume details. 


An Iconic Dancer


If nothing else works for you (or if you absolutely hate these puns), you could just dress up as a famous dancer or performer this Halloween.  There are so many options!  You could choose anyone – from Beyoncé to Michael Jackson – or you could dress as iconic classical dancers – such as Martha Graham or Bob Fosse.  You could even turn it into a cool couple’s costume by dressing as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers or John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (from the movie, Grease).  The possibilities are endless on this one.  Just go for whatever will make your night the most memorable and fun!


Happy dancing! ^_^