Preparing the First Dance for Your Wedding

Traditionally, “wedding season” tends to happen during the spring and summer months.  This is mostly because of the warm and sunny weather which produces lovely pictures and happy guests (autumn is becoming a popular time for weddings, too!).  In fact, if you or someone you know is planning on popping the question anytime soon, now is the perfect time because it’s almost whole year before wedding season!  That means you have plenty of preparation time!  (Well…it all depends on how extravagant of a wedding you’re planning…)  Apart from the size and level of luxury of the wedding, a full year definitely gives couples enough time to plan at least one thing – the first dance!  So, if you and your significant other have an upcoming wedding date set, make sure you think about a few details concerning your dance: the song, the feel of the dance, and how much practice you’ll need.

The first dance for newlyweds can either be a stressful or lighthearted event, but it all depends on your perception of it.  Couples who have no problem dancing for an audience or who are confident with their dance skills may feel little to no pressure when it comes to their dance.  However, if the couple is a novice duo who is worried about how they will look to everyone else, it could be a nerve-racking experience.  Even professional dancers can become distressed if they are perfectionists.  Most of your planning may also depend on how elaborate you want your dance to be.  The more intricate it is, the more taxing the creation process might be, and you might need to start preparing early.  Whatever your circumstances and feelings are, it’s always a good idea to put some thought into your first dance.

The main thing you’ll want to do is choose music to dance to.  It should be a song that the both of you really love.  It doesn’t need to be just one song either.  If you have two or more in mind, you can chose those and find a way to edit them together!  Choosing good music may take a while, but once you find the perfect song(s) you can start working on creating a beautiful and memorable dance.  Most wedding songs tend to be slow-paced and romantic-sounding, but you can really choose any music genre you’d like.  For instance, if the two of you have a special love for a techno song, don’t let the genre stop you from choosing that!

Before you even think about putting steps together, try to imagine how you want your dance to look and feel.  Most couples prefer their dances to look smooth and effortless.  They also want to feel as relaxed as possible while dancing.  On the other hand, if you want your dance to be full of energy, you can go down that route, too.  Most of the time, this will depend on how fast your song is, but the tempo of the music won’t always be an indicator of intensity level.  Even if your song sounds slow, you could end up making it look intense, if that’s what you prefer.  Essentially, it is best to go with whatever feels right for you and your partner.

As soon as you get a basic idea of how you want your dance to feel and look, it’s time to start practicing!  The best thing to do if you think you need some help with dance steps is to go to a studio and take lessons from a trained professional.  An instructor can help you put together steps to make up a nice wedding routine.  This can be especially helpful if you have a song picked out but don’t really know how you should move to the music.  Your instructor can either give you a set of moves to work with over the course of the song, or they can choreograph an entire routine for you.  It’s all up to you!

Regardless of what kind of routine you chose to do, you should make sure you get enough practice.  This is why it’s important to start working on your dance early, especially if you have never really danced before.  You’ll also want to think about how busy your schedule is.  Wedding planning takes up enough time, so adding in rehearsal time can be hard.  If you plan on creating a complex routine, then you will probably need more prep time than usual.  If you need to go to a studio to see an instructor to help with your dance, think about how often you’ll be able to get to the studio.  Even if you can’t make it to your studio very often, it would be wise for the both of you to practice your steps at home.  Practicing will not only make your dance look better, but it will also put you and your partner at ease if you are having any anxiety about performing.  If you go over the dance many times, you should have nothing to worry about!

Finally, remember that you don’t have to go the traditional route when it comes to your first dance.  As mentioned before, you don’t have to choose a standard slow song to dance to.  You can choose whatever will match the personality of you and your fiancé.  Most first dances end up being danced as a Rumba or Waltz, but the two of you can step outside of the box and choose something like a Swing, Foxtrot, or even Hustle!   You can also choose to get creative with the format of your first dance.  If you want to be a little silly you can add in some fun and goofy movements to make everyone laugh.  You don’t even have to stay in dance frame the entire time.  Adding in side-by-side moves can give your dance a unique look.

Most importantly, just make sure the both of you are having fun and that you enjoy the result!  At lot of people tend to worry too much about what their guests will think about their dance.  Of course you want to make sure your guests are happy and entertained, but if you spend too much time stressing about others’ thoughts, you’ll never be able to think clearly.  Just remember that this special day is mainly about the both of you.  Don’t worry about whether or not the guests think you look good.  Just focus on how awesome it is to dance with your new spouse (and hopefully the two of you will continue to dance together)! 

Happy dancing!!! ^_^