What to Expect at Our Practice Parties

What is a practice party?

A practice party is almost exactly what it sounds like; it is a party where you can practice the dance steps that you have been working on.  A lot of students start taking lessons because they want to be better social dancers.  Therefore, a practice party would be perfect for them to attend so they can try out their moves in setting where there will be many people dancing on the floor at once.  Even if you are taking lessons for more than social dancing, or if you have only taken a few lessons, a practice party will definitely be a great experience!

If you’re new and have never been to one of our practice parties, you might not know what to expect.  Each studio will have their own unique way of running their parties.  Here at Celebrity, we like to provide a fun experience for our students while also making sure that they are utilizing their dance skills in the best way.  You don’t even need to be a student of ours to join in on the fun – everyone is welcome!  Here are some neat things you can look forward to at our practice parties:


Dancing (Obviously!)

If you go to a dance party, there will surely be lots of dancing!  There will also be a good variety of music to dance to.  In case you don’t know the dance you should be doing for a particular song, no worries!  Our instructors will announce what dance you can do every time a new song comes on.  It’s best to get in as much dancing as you can during the party, but you can definitely sit out whenever you need to.


Food and Drink

What is a party without refreshments?  It would be a pretty lame one if you ask me, so it’s a good thing that we provide some fuel for you!  At our parties, we always have food and drinks for our guests.  Some of our students will even bring a dish or some treats to share, but it’s never required.  We’ve got you covered!


Meeting New Friends and Catching Up with Old Ones

Our parties are a fantastic way to get to know other students that you haven’t met before.  You can take this opportunity to strike up a conversation with some new faces, make new friends, and also ask them for a dance!  The parties are also a good way to catch up with the friends you already know.  For new students, this is the best way to get you acquainted with the studio’s community and meet other dancers.  Many of our veteran students will introduce themselves and may even ask for a dance, so don’t be shy!

The other great thing about practice parties is that it gives you the opportunity to practice dancing with someone besides your normal partner or instructor.  Dancing with lots of different partners will definitely help you become a better lead or follow, so try and grab as many people as you can!


Themed Parties

Every once in a while we host special parties.  These may be randomly themed (ask us about our “Spring Festival”!) or planned for holidays and specific events (like Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, etc.).  For example, you can always expect us to throw an awesome Halloween party each year.  We even go all out with costumes and decorations.  You’ll know when a big party is coming up when we start changing the look of the studio!  At these special parties we may also throw in extra activities like games or raffles.  These are also fantastic opportunities to take photos, especially if is a costume party!  Just ask us when our next themed party will be.  We’re always thinking of new and exciting ideas for our students!


Group Classes

We offer group dance lessons at our studio almost daily, but how awesome would it be to attend a party and get a lesson out of it as well?  We sometimes kick off our parties by teaching the basics of a popular dance to everyone in attendance.  The dance we teach may be something you are already familiar with, like Rumba or Hustle, or it may be something completely new to you, like Bachata or Nightclub Two Step!  Regardless of the dance it’s a good opportunity to brush up on your steps, learn some new ones, and practice dancing with new people!



One of my favorite aspects about parties at our studio is that we occasionally have our students put on a show!  Every now and then, we will have performances at our parties (especially if it is a themed/holiday party).  We give our students opportunities to perform routines that they have been working on for a while, or we have them perform dance demos in preparation for any upcoming competitions.  Sometimes our staff will even put together a special number just for all of you! 


 Line Dances

Another great perk of coming to our parties is that you may get the chance to learn a line dance, too!  From time to time, we teach a quick little line dances during the party.  If you don’t know, a line dance is a choreographed routine with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in unison throughout an entire song (example: “The Electric Slide”).  These are really cool because once you get used to the steps you can start adding your own flair and have some fun with the choreography.


Instructors Will Be There Too!

One last thing I’ll mention about our practice parties is that our instructors will always be available in case you need help with a dance.  You can even ask them to dance with you if you’d like!  In addition to being helpful with steps, you can also just chat and get to know some of them a little better.


Essentially, our practice parties are a wonderful way to start diving into our dance community.  Not only will you be practicing all of your moves, but you will also be exposed to the social aspects of dancing.  More importantly, you will have a fun time with some great people!  Check our calendar on our website to find out when our next parties are!

Happy dancing!  ^_^