How to Make Time for Dance When You’re Feeling Busy

It can be hard to find time to dance when you have a hectic life.  Other plans and responsibilities can make it difficult to fit a few dance classes into your schedule.  There are many people who want to dance but have trouble setting aside some time for it.  Likewise, there are people who are used to dancing for many hours and are now frustrated that they can’t dance as much.  The good news is that there are some ways that you can stay involved in dance even when your availability is sparse.

Here are some ideas and concepts to keep in mind so you can continue to dance or keep dance on your mind, even when you have a busy schedule!


Make Time Where You Can

When you think you don’t have time to dance, try to think about what you do in your free time.  People who spend a lot of time working or volunteering like to use their free time for relaxing activities such as reading, watching movies/television shows, or playing games.  These activities are all great, but if you think you can replace one of these with dance, you’ll find that you actually do have some time for it. Start by sparing 30-60 mins a week for dance, and see if you can gradually increase that over time.  If you’re up for the challenge, you could also sacrifice an everyday activity, such as watching television, and replace it with learning a new dance or brushing up on some techniques.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in a studio to dance either!  If you are absolutely new to dance, then its best if you come to a studio to learn proper techniques, but if you are a veteran who knows many steps, you can find space in your home to practice.


Dancing Less is Okay

If you are a person who used to dance multiple hours a week, but you now find that you can barely make time for one lesson, don’t let that worry you too much.  Let go of past expectations and standards; if you aren’t able to dance as much as you used to that’s okay!  Events will happen in your life that will change your schedule, but if you find just a little bit of time for dance or a dance-related activity that is good enough.  The important thing is that you are making the effort to dance.


Set New Goals

Setting goals will motivate you to dance when you’re busy, tired, or discouraged.  If you haven’t danced for a while and are thinking about restarting, new goals can be the first step to getting your feet back on the dance floor.  Create a piece of choreography, focus on learning a new dance, or plan to work on a performance piece.  Thinking about certain goals and planning them out will also help define what dance means to you so that you can come into your studio with a fresh perspective.


Stay Involved in a Dance Community

If you do find that you have little to no time for dance but you still want to stay connected to it, you can engage in the dance community.  If your studio hosts events, try to make an effort to attend a few of those.  If you can’t make it out to events, then social media is your best source.  Sites like Facebook and Instagram make it easy to see what your favorite dancers are up to, and you can even check out the cool things that other dancers are creating.  You can also stay in touch with your dance friends even when you are not in the studio.


Happy Dancing ^_^