Date Night Ideas for Dancer Couples


It’s Valentine’s Day!  If you have a date or significant other you probably have already made plans for date night…or not!  Well, if you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that you are already a dancer.  Perhaps your partner dances, as well!  If so, then we have put together some fun and creative ways that dancer couples can spend their Valentine’s Day.  These activities are good for regular date nights too, so you can always refer back to this list anytime you need something new for you and your partner to do.


Social Dancing (Obviously)

If both of you dance, then the most reasonable activity would be a night of social dancing!  You two already know how to move, so why not go out and show your skills?  Check around town or with friends to see if there is a Valentine’s-themed dance party you can attend, or go to your favorite bar or club so you can spend the evening dancing with your favorite person.


Take a Class in a New Style

Another great idea for date night is to take a dance class in a style that you and your partner have never done before.  This is a great activity because you and your partner will share the experience of trying something completely new.  After the class is done, you may find that you really like the new style and continue to take lessons!  Go out and find some interesting new classes to try.  The options are limitless!


Get Massages

If the two of you dance a lot, you both may get sore muscles from time to time.  In that case, it would be awesome to surprise your partner with a massage or spa package.  You both can spend the day relaxing and giving your bodies a well-deserved rest.  It will also leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for future dance rehearsals.  Your partner will surely love this date idea!


See a Dance Show

The best way to have a great dance-themed date night (without actually dancing) is to go see a show.  Whether it’s a musical, ballet, or general dance showcase, it’s always nice to sit back and enjoy some fantastic dancing.  Check and see if there are any shows near you that you and your date might be interested in.


Watch YouTube Videos or a Dance Movie

If you can’t find a show to see at a theatre, don’t worry because the Internet still has your back!  If you are more of a laidback couple, you can spend the night indoors with each other.  You can make it a pleasant and relaxing evening; the two of you can prepare a nice dinner and then you can sit back and watch your favorite dance videos on YouTube.  It will kind of be like having a tailor-made dance show in the comfort of your own home (and you also save some money)!  Everyone wins!  You can also watch your favorite dance movie.  Most films about dance have romantic elements in their stories, so they are perfect date night movies.


Happy Dancing Happy AND Valentine’s Day! ^_^