Waltz Disney: Which Styles of Dance each Character would Choose


Have you ever imagined which styles of dance certain fictional characters would fit best with?  No?  Okay…I may be the only one…but it’s something interesting to toy with!  So, just to have fun this week, I’m going to list out some Disney characters and place them with the dance styles that I think would suit them best.  I will also pick a song from that character’s movie that they would likely dance to (and some songs might also give you dances ideas, as well)!


Tango: Mulan



In her movie, Mulan is a girl who defies societal norms by going to war in her father’s place disguised as a man.  While she is training with the other soldiers, she learns fierce and agile fighting techniques.  She ends up being one of the best warriors in her army and ultimately saving China.  Mulan would perform just as brilliantly with Tango, which is also a strong yet elegant dance.  Tango is a smooth dance that also has sharp and striking moments, so it would fit right in with Mulan’s collection of skills.

Best Tango song for Mulan: “Be A Man”


Waltz: Cinderella



The Cinderella in Disney movies has an airy and graceful personality, much like the essence of Waltz.  Waltz is a slow dance that has a romantic quality to it.  The movements are beautiful, flowy, and almost appear effortless.  This means it is the perfect dance for Cinderella, since she is a romantic type who dreams about finding true love.  Cinderella also wears a beautiful gown when she goes to the Prince’s ball.  That gown would be perfect for a Waltz performance!

Best Waltz song for Cinderella: “So this is Love”


Viennese Waltz: Aurora



Princess Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) is much like Cinderella; they both possess a lighthearted and graceful attitude, but Aurora is a bit spunkier than Cinderella (even though she is asleep for a good portion of her movie).  She spends a great deal of her time singing and dancing with her animal friends in the forest.  Therefore, the dance that would work best for this princess is Viennese Waltz since it is still beautiful and smooth, but also quick and full of life.

Best Viennese Waltz song for Aurora: “Once Upon a Dream”


Argentine Tango: Esmeralda



Esmeralda is not a Disney Princess, but she actually is quite the elegant dancer.  When she is first seen in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, she is performing an exciting dance.  She executes many kicks and turns (and even dances around a pole at some point!).  She moves with fierceness and sensuality, much like that of Argentine Tango.  Traditional Argentine Tango is often done in the streets or in nightclubs and is mostly improvisational.  There are a lot of leg sweeps and flicks, and the dancers stay very close to each other, which gives it an intimate quality.  This would be a great dance for Esmeralda to take up.

Best Argentine Tango song for Esmeralda: “Rhythm of the Tambourine”


Quickstep: Aladdin



Aladdin is a character who is fun, clever, and lively.  He’s also a quick thinker and mover (since he has a reputation as a thief).  His personality mostly matches that of Quickstep which is dance that requires you to be quick on your feet, but also has a little bounce to it.  Aladdin can also be a charming guy, and Quickstep has a smooth and captivating quality about it.

Best Quickstep song for Aladdin: “One Jump Ahead”


Foxtrot: The Genie



Another high-spirited character in the movie Aladdin is the Genie.  He is a very random and silly character, but he can be classy when he wants to.  Foxtrot would be the perfect dance for him since the dance is lighthearted, a little bouncy, fun, but also sophisticated.  Even further, dancers who perform the Foxtrot can sometimes seem like they are in a magical or dreamy state.  Since Genie is quite literally a magical creature, he can add even more magic to his performances!

Best Foxtrot song for Genie: “Friend Like Me”


Samba: Ariel



Most of the dances that we discussed so far have been smooth or standard ones.  There’s no doubt that Ariel from The Little Mermaid would dance beautifully in a smooth style, but given her fun and tropical nature, a Latin or Rhythm style would fit her best.  Samba would be best for Ariel because it is bouncy, spirited and playful with a lot of hip movements. Samba also has its roots in Brazil, which is as tropical as it gets!  Even though she is a former mermaid who is getting used to her new legs, she probably would be happy dancing with Samba if given some time.

Best Samba song for Ariel: “Under the Sea”


Salsa: Kuzco



In the movie, The Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzco is the emperor of a city in Peru.  He is a flashy and confident character (and very arrogant) who bosses everyone around.  Salsa would be a good fit for Kuzco since it is an upbeat Latin dance with a lot of energy and flair.  Many Salsa dancers have to embody the confidence and flamboyancy that Kuzco already has, so this style would certainly feel like home to him.

Best Salsa song for Kuzco: “Perfect World”


East Coast Swing: Tiana



The Princess and the Frog is a movie set in New Orleans in the 1920s.  East Coast Swing is a dance that came from the Lindy Hop which was born during this era, and the jazz music from that time was definitely a popular genre to dance to.  In the movie, Tiana is a girl who has big dreams and is always on the move while staying optimistic (well…before she gets turned into a frog).  East Coast Swing is a dance that is upbeat, quick, and has a jazzy element.  Tiana’s personality would definitely fit best with the spirit of this particular dance.

Best Swing song for Tiana: “Almost There”


*Extra* - Aerial Silks: Rapunzel



As a bonus, I will add Rapunzel from Tangled on this list.  While I didn’t assign her to a specific ballroom dance, I do think that she would do a fantastic job as an aerial dancer, specifically in aerial silks.  In this style, dancers use fabric (also called “silks”) to climb on and craftily wrap themselves into beautiful poses. Rapunzel has hair that is at least 70 feet long.  It is so long that she frequently uses it as a rope or swing in the movie.  This means that she should have little to no trouble climbing silks and executing beautiful poses in the air.

Best song for Rapunzel: “I See the Light”


Happy Dancing ^_^