Essential Items to Remember For Competition

A while ago, I posted about dance competitions and gave some tips for those who might be considering signing up.  Well, another competition is just around the corner for us at Celebrity Dance Studio and since competing is on our minds, I’ve decided to make another post that will hopefully help out those who will be participating in the upcoming competition or any events in the near future.

Making sure your dance skills are competition-ready is a main part of Dancesport events, but that’s only part of the process.  There are many components you’ll want to make sure are covered before you head to the venue.  Many people arrive on competition day and are later kicking themselves because they forgot to bring important items with them.  While friends or kind strangers may have some stuff you can borrow, it’s always nice to have a “tool kit” of your own so that you’ll be comfortable and ready for the big day or weekend.  I am going to list some things that you definitely won’t want to forget when you attend your next competition.


Costume Repair Kit

If you have your competition outfits all set and ready to go then you’re on the right track.  However, it’s always good to have back-up plans in case you have any costume mishaps.  There’s always the chance that you could tear or spill something on your outfit, and if that happens, you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared.  Bring along a sewing kit so you can fix any rips or tears.  If you don’t know how to sew, you can ask a friend or bring along someone who knows how!  You can also use fashion tape for a quick fix, so make sure to bring that along, too.  Lint brushes will also keep you neat, and applying clear nail polish to torn tights can prevent a hole from getting bigger.  It’s also a good idea to have something in your bag that can easily get rid of stains in case you accidently spill something on your outfit.


Makeup and Mirrors

Even if you do your makeup before you arrive at the competition, it’s still nice to have extra tools in your bag in case you need to do a quick touch up or two.  Depending on how much you are moving around throughout the day, your makeup could come off or get messed up.  Some items that will most likely need to be reapplied during the day and are good to have in your makeup bag are powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick.  Also, make sure to bring a small handheld mirror.  Sure, there will be mirrors in the washrooms and changing areas of the venue, but getting ready is a little easier when you have your own personal mirror.


Hair Accessories

No one in the world has perfect hair.  If you style your hair a certain way in the morning, chances are it won’t look the same by the evening.  Because they move around so much, dancers have to take extra precautions to make sure their hair stays neat and in place.  When you’re on your way to the ballroom, make sure to bring everything you need to make sure your hair looks the way you want it to.  It’s best to prepare a small bag with a brush, hair ties, bobby pins, clips, hair spray, and everything else you need to stay fabulous!   



If the competition you’re attending is inside of a hotel or a venue that will have food vendors, you might not have to worry too much about starving.  However, if you will constantly be needed out on the floor, you may not have time to step away to grab a meal.  In that case, you’ll want to make sure you have some light snacks handy to keep you energized.  Some good food items to bring with you are granola bars, crackers, nuts, fruit snacks, or anything that is small and easy to eat.  Foods that won’t make you messy or get all over your clothing are a plus!  Most venues will also have free water available, but having a refillable water bottle with you can be more convenient.


Pain Medication

Going through all your checklists and making sure you are prepared can sometimes cause quite a headache, so you might as well prepare for that pain, too!  Besides that, dancing all day can be strenuous and if you unfortunately end up hurting yourself while dancing, it’s good to know that you can at least treat any pain you have with some medication.  Bandages and other aids will also be useful if you get blisters or other minor injuries, but remember – don’t be a hero!  If you are in serious pain, don’t try to push through.  Take a break and see a medical professional.



Definitely make sure you bring a camera with you or have the camera ready on your phone so that you can capture tons of memorable moments.  Different competitions have different rules and regulations regarding recording videos and taking pictures, but if you are allowed to capture some moments, you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity.  Even if you don’t get the chance to snap dancers that are out on the floor, you should still take some pictures on the side with friends and fellow dancers.  You’re all dressed up, so you might as well take as many photos as possible!


Dance Shoes…

I know – It seems obvious that you should bring your dance shoes to a dance competition, but shoes have still been forgotten!  Honestly, your shoes can be easy to forget if you keep them in a place is that is separate from the rest of your dance items.  Rushing to get ready at the last minute is another way that your shoes can be overlooked.  To make sure you don’t forget them, make sure you plan ahead and pack them the night before.  You can also attach them to your suitcase or the bag that holds your competition outfits so that all your items are lumped together.  Vendors always sell dance shoes at competitions, but you can avoid spending money on new ones just because you forgot to bring your own.


Happy Dancing - and GOOD LUCK to our students competing in Wisconsin next weekend!  ^_^