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We are three weeks into our Spring Festival here at Celebrity Dance Studio!  So far we’ve celebrated board games and game shows, and this week we are diving into video and arcade games!  There are billions of video games that you can play, but if you are playing at home, you could be spending hours sitting on the couch.  While your favorite games might be engaging, it’s nice to get moving every once in a while.  Thanks to advancements in video game technology, players are able to utilize motion sensing devices to play games.  Many consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Xbox have components that capture the movements of players.  These features have made it possible for many dance-based games to be developed.  A lot of these games are loads of fun and they also get your blood flowing.  Many people even use these games for exercise!  This week I’m going to list some video games that feature some awesome dance moves and might also allow you to learn some cool moves, as well!


Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution (also known as DDR) started out a video arcade game in 1998 and is considered the pioneer of the “rhythm and dance” genre of video games.  The original arcade machines had players standing on a “dance stage”, stepping on light-up arrows in time with visual and musical cues that appear on the monitor.  The cues they must follow are on-screen arrows that always match the speed and rhythm of whatever song is playing.  Players are judged by how well they time their steps to the patterns presented to them.  There is also a “versus” mode where two players can compete against each other to get the highest score.  A console version of this game has also been released which allows players to enjoy the game in their homes.  Instead of a huge dance stage, players use a “dance mat” which acts as the game controller.  This game has become so popular that there are even DDR tournaments held throughout the world!


Dancing With The Stars (video game)

Yes…we are talking about Dancing with the Stars again, but did you know the show was made into a video game, as well?  Based on the premise of the show, the game has you playing as one of the many celebrities featured on the show and their professional partners.  The mechanics of the game are similar to DDR – you must follow a sequence of arrows in time with the speed and rhythm at which they appear on the screen.  In addition to playing as a celebrity from the show, you can also dance to a variety of different dance styles including Jive, Salsa, Quickstep, and even Viennese Waltz.  This game is available on many different consoles, but the most notable is the Playstation 2 version which allows you to use a dance mat to step in time with the arrows that appear (just like DDR).  There is also a unique version of this game available for mobile phones so that players can enjoy the game wherever they go!


Just Dance

Following DDR, Just Dance has become the most recognized and popular dance and rhythm game for video game consoles.  It was originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009 and allows players to mimic the motions of an on-screen dancer’s choreography while using the Wii Remote to capture how accurately the players match the on-screen dancer.  After selecting a song, players try to following along with the dancing avatar, as well as a scrolling display of pictograms representing dance poses.  While holding the remote in their right hand, the players’ goal is to try and score as high as they can.  The game was praised for its soundtrack featuring familiar and popular music and simplistic gameplay which made it accessible to casual gamers.  Just Dance has also become a popular game to play at parties because up to four players can play at once.  There are eight sequels to this game; each year a new game is released with the most recent one being Just Dance 2018.  There have also been different versions and spin-offs of the game, including a kid’s version and a Disney series.


Dance Central

Another great rhythm game for consoles is Dance Central.  This game uses the Kinect for the Xbox 360 which is a motion-sensing camera device that allows players to interact with their games without the use of a controller.  This means that players can dance as they would in games like Just Dance, except they don’t have to hold a controller!  The gameplay is also similar to Just Dance – the players perform given dance moves with are tracked by the Kinect and represented on the screen by the game’s avatars.  The only downside to this game is that only two players can play at a time as compared to four from Just Dance.  There are also three more sequels to this game that have been released.  This game stands out because player’s full body movements are able to be tracked, not just the movements from their arms and the Wii remote.


Kinect Star Wars

This game is primarily an action game released on the Xbox 360 using the Kinect motion device, but it also features a mode called “Galactic Dance-off”.  This game mode is actually a silly and comical contrast from the rest of the game because it is modeled after the Dance Central series, but uses characters and themes from Star Wars.  Players can control one of several iconic Star Wars characters and have them dance in sync with the dance cues that appear on-screen.  The game’s song selection includes parodies of songs where the titles and lyrics are rewritten to fit the Star Wars theme.  For example – Jason Derulo’s song, “Ridin’ Solo”, is changed to “I’m Han Solo”, and players get to dance as Han Solo.  This game is just as fun as Dance Central but is also good for laugh.



See?  We weren’t kidding…


Happy Dancing! ^_^