Dance/Movement Board Games


Celebrity Dance Studio is starting our annual Spring Festival this week, and this year’s theme is all about games!  During this first week we are going to focus on all things board game-related (and we will even have a Murder Mystery party during our final week).  Everyone can appreciate a good game like Monopoly, Clue, Checkers, or even Candy Land!  When you have a night in with friends or family, pulling out a fun board game can be a great way to spend the night.  There are so many titles and types of games to choose from, but many of those games will probably have you sitting down for hours.  If you’re someone who prefers more movement in their life, then I have some cool games for you to try out!  So because this is a dance blog, I will provide you with a few game options that allow you to get up and moving!


Dance Charades

A regular game of charades can be great, but there is a really cool version of this game that makes it even better.  It is called Dance Charades and it lets you dance out certain moves while everyone else tries to guess which moves you are performing.  A bunch of dance cards are laid out on a table, describing certain dance moves.  Players get a 40 second song clip during their turn to dance out as many items on the cards as they can.  One point is awarded for each item someone guesses correctly, but what makes this game unique is that you can get extra points if others think your dance moves are awesome!  Other players can reward you with bonus points or special tokens if your dance moves were spectacular.  This extra element keeps people dancing and putting effort into their movement and not just “charading”.


Crazy Dancing

In this game, three teams of 2-8 players compete to be the best dancing team.  Each team takes a turn at being the judges of the dance contest while the other teams perform a dance that they have to create themselves.  Cards are dealt to the performing teams to specify seven moves that they must incorporate in their routines.  They also must add in their own original moves, so this game allows a bit of creativity, too!  While this game may be difficult to find online or in stores, you can recreate it with a group of friends pretty easily.  All you need to do is think of a bunch of random dance moves, write them down, and have teams draw a few moves out of a hat so they can put them together to create short routines.


Top Dance

Top Dance is a board game that is based on the popular dancing video game series, Just Dance.  This game is very similar to the concept of Dance Charades.  The only difference is that the moves on the dance cards are actual depictions of moves from Just Dance.  On each card there are also pictures of the game’s characters doing the move, and the player has to imitate what they are doing.  The game is interesting because players have to look at a picture on a dance card and interpret it in their own way, but also attempt to make the other players correctly guess what they are doing.  It’s a fun game to play if you really enjoy Just Dance, but don’t have a game console on-hand.



This is probably one of the most popular and well known movement-based games.  You are required to move your entire body in order to play Twister.  If you aren’t familiar already, the game “board” is a large vinyl mat with randomly colored dots all over it.  The concept of this game involves players spinning a spinner which will give them a random color and random limb which they must place on the mat.  Each player must put the relevant body part on the relevant color spot, and no players are allowed to share spots.  If any player falls, or if their knees or elbows touch the ground, they are eliminated.  The game ends when one person is left standing.  Not only will this game get you up and moving, but it will also give you a chance to test your flexibility. (Be careful though!)



Quelf is a…unique game that is not technically considered a movement or dance game, but it has plenty of elements woven into it that will definitely get you moving.  It is an unpredictable party game where the goal is to get to the end of the game board.  That goal seems easy enough, but the twist is that players have to perform ridiculous tasks, answer absurd trivia, and follow silly rules to win.   The game has different decks of cards that represent different categories, and two of those categories are “Stuntz” and “Showbiz”.  The “Stuntz” cards have you performing a variety of silly actions and the “Showbiz” cards require you to sing, dance, mime, or even write poetry!  Because the game is so random, you could end up doing anything from doing the chicken dance, giving an impression of Donald Duck, or writing a song for your friends and performing it in front of everyone.  When playing this game, don’t plan on sitting in one place for too long!


Happy Dancing!  ^_^