How to Make Your Friends into Dancers

You have probably been a dancer for quite a while, and if you’re reading this you also probably love to dance very much!  Additionally, you might also have a few friends in the dance community that you can share your passion with, but you may also have some good friends who have not yet dived into the world of dance.  If you are looking for ways to finally get your friends into the dance community, you can try these four tips that revolve around the idea of exposure.  If a person is constantly exposed to an activity, the chances of them participating in that activity become higher.  Therefore, if you find multiple ways to expose your friends to dancing, you may eventually become successful in piquing their interest in dance!


Invite Them to Events

As a dancer, you undoubtedly have many dance-themed events that you attend throughout the year.  Whether they are competitions, showcases, or dance parties, these events are surely loads of fun for you.  If you have a friend to recruit, start by bringing them to some of these events.  If you bring them to a competition, they will have the chance to really see professional dancers in action.  Many are on an elite level when they perform, so your guest will certainly be blown away.  You can also show them Pro/Am competitions so they will see and understand the hard work students do with their instructors.  They might also be entranced by the fancy dresses and costumes!  Viewing some of these events may also give your friend a potential future goal if they choose to start dancing!  Inviting your friend to showcases will be similar to bringing them to competitions, but technical dancing won’t be the only thing they see.  They will also see many variations of steps, cool pieces of themed choreography, and many cool tricks that the dancers have prepared.  Bringing your friends to dance parties hosted by your dance studio is another great way to get them involved.  By just being there they can get immersed in the world of social dancing, and they can even get to dance a little!  After taking a friend to a fancy showcase or competition, you should definitely bring them to a party, especially if they are feeling intimidated by the highly trained dancers.  The environment will be more relaxed since many of the party attendees are social dancers that are just looking to have fun.


Show Them Movies and Shows about Dance

If you are unable to get your friends out to a physical event, the next best thing is to sit them down and make them watch a dance movie or show with you!  The television or movie screen may not have the same “wow-factor” as a live performance, but there are many well-done movies and shows that portray dance in an accurate and spectacular way.  Take the Lead is a fascinating movie that highlights how ballroom dance can be modern and powerful.  You friend may also recognize the popular show, Dancing with the Stars, but if they haven’t taken the time to watch a full episode, have them consider this one.  This show often features celebrities who already have a bit of dance experience, but the more interesting part of the show is about stars with little to no dance experience whose skills get stronger as the show progresses.  Seeing other non-dancers excel in the art could possibly be motivational for your friend!


Give Them the Gift of Dance

Sometimes you just have to give your friend that little extra push and buy them their first dance lesson.  A gift card to your dance studio is a great present to give them if they have shown interest in dance, but haven’t set a foot in the door yet.   If you have been excitedly talking about dance to them for years, this is their chance to finally experience it for themselves!  If you know that your friend is a bit shy and you don’t want to immediately shock their system with a private lesson, you can gift them one group class and attend the class with them.  Physically getting them in the studio is the best way to expose them to dance.


Introduce Them to Your Dance Friends

Finally, you should invite your non-dancing friend to meet your dance friends or people who dance at your studio.  If they become acquainted with people in the dance community, it is likely that their bond with this community will be strengthened.  Your friend will be kept in the loop about upcoming dance events, classes, and other activities.  They will also have more people egging them on to try dance (which gives you less work to do)!  With so many people around them who dance and so many events to go to, how can your friend not step into the dance world?  With a lot of encouragement and positive influence, you will hopefully see them on the dance floor soon!


Happy Dancing! ^_^