Which Dance Are You?

If you are new to dance, you might still be trying to figure out which style is your favorite.  Maybe you’re just trying to decide which one best suits you.  If you have learned or are currently learning the six core dances (Rumba, Cha-Cha, East Coast Swing, Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot) you may eventually start to recognize your favorites.  If you haven’t figured that out yet, we have prepared a very real and totally accurate short quiz that will help you discover which dance best suits you!*  To complete it, answer every question, keep track of your answers, and check the results at the end.  Have fun!

1.      Which of these colors is your favorite?

a.       Red

b.      White

c.       Orange

d.      Blue

e.       Black

f.       Green


2.      Which of these options sounds like your ideal vacation?

a.       A relaxing week in the Bahamas

b.      Exploring the popular sites of New York City

c.       Enjoying the Las Vegas weather and partying in the nightclubs

d.      A romantic trip to Paris

e.       Touring European castles and learning all about their history

f.       Staying at home or going to a local amusement park


3.      What is your preferred style when it comes to dressing up?

a.       Elegant but not over-the-top

b.      Traditional or retro styles

c.       Anything flashy that allows you to move around freely

d.      Very formal, as if you were meeting the Queen

e.       High fashion/avant-garde

f.       “You can wear sneakers to a gala, right?”


4.      Favorite music genre:

a.       Pop/Rock ballads

b.      Jazz

c.       Electronic Dance Music

d.      Classical

e.       Alternative/Experimental

f.       As long as you can dance to it, you love it


5.      Favorite kind of food?

a.       Home-cooked, comforting meals

b.      “Cocktails count as ‘food’, right?”

c.       Anything spicy

d.      Gourmet foods of the highest quality

e.       You like to try anything and everything new

f.       Dessert


6.      Favorite kind of movies/TV shows?

a.       Romance

b.      Musicals

c.       Action

d.      Drama

e.       Mystery

f.       Comedy


7.      Out of these dances, which is your favorite?

a.       Nightclub Two Step

b.      Quickstep

c.       Salsa

d.      Bolero

e.       Paso Doble

f.       Hustle


8.      How do you like to feel when you dance?

a.       Sensual!

b.      Happy!

c.       Exhausted! – like you had a great workout

d.      Like you’re skating on ice!

e.       Like a secret agent!

f.       Happy AND exhausted!


Now, check your answers and figure out which letter you chose most frequently.  You may even find that you match with two or more.  Below are the descriptions for the dances:


Mostly A’s - you are Rumba!

The dance that suits you most is Rumba - the slow and sensual Latin dance!  You are either a very romantic person or you enjoy all things involving romance.  You are passionate about your hobbies, friends, and family, and you’re also easy to get along with.  When dancing, you enjoy movements that are simple and comfortable so you can apply a lot of energy behind them to make them look powerful.


Mostly B’s - you are Foxtrot!

Foxtrot is a smooth and graceful dance, but it is also very fun and lighthearted.  You might enjoy Frank Sinatra and classic movie musicals like Singin’ in the Rain.  You also enjoy having fun at a few good parties.  Although you are easygoing, you also enjoy getting fancy and classing up your style every once in a while.  When dancing, you love feeling like you’re Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire on the “silver screen”.


Mostly C’s, you are Cha-Cha

Cha-Cha is a high-energy Latin dance.  It moves very quickly, but also has sensual and spicy elements to it.  If you love this dance, it’s likely that you are a lively and active person.  You also love getting out on the dance floor at parties and clubs.  You enjoy putting a lot of energy and effort into everything you do, especially dance!  When dancing, you love feeling vibrant and fierce.


Mostly D’s: Waltz

Waltz is a timeless and graceful dance.  Couples will almost appear to be weightless as they move across the floor.  It also has dramatic elements to it, but is still gentle.  If you matched with this dance, it’s likely that you have an eye for aesthetics and enjoy all of the luxurious things in life.  You also might admire elegant and serene activities such as relaxing at a five-star hotel, or going to see a ballet or opera performance.  When you dance, you like to feel as if you’re floating in the air.


Mostly E’s: Tango

This is a very intense and dramatic dance.  Many of the movements in Tango are sharp but also sly.  It is a smooth dance, but has a very distinct style that is much different from Foxtrot and Waltz.  If you enjoy Tango, it’s likely that you are a person who enjoys things that are “outside of the box”.  You might also enjoy contemporary art because it seems fresh and new to you.  Mystery movies and novels may also intrigue you!  When dancing, you enjoy the smooth and foxlike feeling that comes with Tango.


Mostly F’s: Swing

Swing, like Cha-Cha, is also a high-energy dance, but has an essence that is even more cheery.  If you enjoy Swing, it is likely that you are a happy-go-luck person who likes to have fun whenever they can.  Others may also describe you as easy-going or laidback.  When dancing, you like to feel carefree.


*Obviously, this quiz is not meant to be 100% accurate, and the only way to REALLY figure out which dance(s) suit you is to go out and do them!

Happy Dancing! ^_^