Apps Every Dancer Should Use

By now, most adults own a smart phone.  Besides calling and texting, smart phones allow us to connect to the Internet, listen to music, play games, and do other fun and productive activities.  There are millions of applications available to download to your phone, and you can even use a few of them to help you with dance.  Unfortunately, there isn’t an app that will magically improve your dancing on its own, but there are many available that will definitely help you with your progress.  Here are some apps that you should keep handy during your dance journey!  (And if you actually don’t own a smart phone, don’t worry!  Most of these applications are available on tablets or laptop computers.)



If you have a smart phone, you probably already have a camera installed.  This feature enables you to take photos and videos of yourself and other dancers.  After a good class you can record yourself and the instructor doing a routine, or you can just record yourself so that you don’t forget choreography.  It’s also good to take videos of yourself just to see if you are executing certain moves correctly.  If you are the type of person that likes to take a bunch of videos, make sure you have enough storage space on your phone!  Aside from dance videos, you can also take pictures in your environment of random things that inspire you.  There are also features on the camera app that let you slow down your video, change the picture quality, and other features that will vary based on the type of phone you have.  Once you have all those nice photos and videos, you can keep them for yourself or share them on other social media platforms, such as…



Instagram is a social media site where you can post your own videos and pictures so that your friends and followers can comment on them and “like” them.  You can also follow your friends or famous influencers that are important to you so you can view their content.  Having Instagram as an application on your phone makes it easy to view and post content on a daily basis.  Many dancers use this app to view videos of other popular dancers’ work.  Many dancers also use this platform to showcase their own skills and choreography for others to see.  The best thing about Instagram is that it makes it easy to search for and view videos that you will enjoy.  Most of the videos on this app are short (only about 1 minute), but there are other sites where you can watch longer videos.  This app is a great resource if you are looking for new dance inspiration.



YouTube is the best website to browse if you need to find videos on the Internet.  As an application, it makes it quick and easy to find a wide range of videos with your phone.  If you’re out and about and need to find a certain dance video, YouTube allows you to quickly search for it and view it on your phone.  Like Instagram, there are many dancers who have channels on YouTube to showcase their work.  You can also upload your own videos on YouTube, as well.  YouTube is another great resource with endless dance videos that will motivate and inspire you.


Notes App

Most phones should have an application where you can jot down quick notes.  These apps are already great for making grocery lists, logging random thoughts, and other things, so you might as well use them for dance, too!  When you have ideas come to mind, it’s nice to have this app on your phone so you can quickly type them out.  You can even take “speech-to-text” notes if your phone has the capability (this is great for when you’re driving or temporarily can’t use your).  You can make to-do lists for dance, write down your goals, type up choreography, or take down notes from your class.



Have you ever been on a lesson, in class, or at a show and hear a new song that you really like?  If you forget to ask someone else the name of the song or if no one else knows it, you may have a hard time finding it again.  However, Shazam is an app that makes finding music easy.  If you install this on your phone, the app will be able to detect the name of whatever song is playing nearby so that you can buy it or stream it later.  It even has an “auto” mode, which means that the app will be able to continuously identify songs for you without you having to pull out your phone to prompt it each time.  This definitely comes in handy when you are at a show or competition; if you have “auto-Shazam” enabled, you won’t need to keep taking out your phone.  You can just relax and enjoy the show!


Anything that Streams Music

Finally, all dancers should have an app that lets you stream music.  You can find a lot of music on YouTube, but if you are looking for better quality, apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora are good for finding most of the music you need.  When you are practicing at home, you can use your music app to dance to your favorite songs.  With apps like Spotify and Apple Music, you can even save specific songs to your own personal library or create playlists for specific moods or styles.  You can also use these apps to find fresh, new music to choreograph to.


Happy Dancing ^_^