Coaching 101: Why Coaching is Valuable

In a previous blog post, we briefly discussed dance coaches and explained that dancers may use the help of coaches to prepare for competitions or performances.  Now you may be wondering more about who the coaches are and the work they do.  If you already know a bit about coaches, then you may be wondering if you could use a coaching session and what you can get out of one.  In this post we will hope to answer these questions!


Who are the Coaches?

Dance coaches are people in the industry that have unique perspective and years of experience as past champions, judges, or Pro/Am dancers.  Many of them have even trained professional dancers themselves, so they have great knowledge of dance techniques, styles, and etiquette.  Many of them travel around the country, offering their services to other studios and training students.  Since they have a keen eye for all of the fine details in dance, they are great help when it comes to competition prep.  Besides competition training, dancers also enlist help of coaches for performances and general dance technique. 


What is a Dance Coaching?

If you take private dance lessons there is no doubt that you are getting the benefit of expert dance training.  Having a private instructor is great, but having a different perspective from time-to-time can also be very useful.  This is where coaches come in!

Coaches are able to give you an outsider’s perspective while dancing with your instructor or partner.  Coaches are able to see technical elements that your instructor may not always be able to see.  They also will give pointers on how to enhance your performances.  For instance; slight adjustments such as foot placement, the way your head is turned, or the angle of your body can make a world of difference when it comes to dance quality.  During one of these sessions, you would show the coach something you are working on and throughout the lesson they will work with you to improve it or help you understand certain dance concepts.  You can also think of a session as taking your car to be polished!  A dance coach helps you to fine-tune your dance skills. 


Why Do You Need Coaching?

If you are preparing for a competition or performance, it is 100% recommended that you sign up for a coaching session.  As mentioned before, coaches know exactly what judges and audiences will be looking for during competitions and showcases, so their help would clearly be beneficial.  Imagine that you are going to submit artwork that will be reviewed by hundreds of professionals and critics.  You would want to make sure that your work is top notch, so you might enlist extra help by having others review it.  It’s almost like Meryl Streep giving you an acting lesson; you’d be getting help from one of the elites of the field!

However, you don’t need to be preparing for a special event in order to be coached.  A session with a coach can only help you become a better dancer.  They will be able to push your dance skills to the next level, and you’ll be able to use what you learned for future endeavors.  If there is a certain dance or move that you have been struggling with, a dance coach just may be able to help and give you some advice or techniques that will make something “click” for you.


Can You Take Coaching?

Every dancer could use a coach’s help.  Many people get intimidated at the idea of a coaching session and believe they are only for advanced dancers, but they truly are for everyone.  Some people think they may not be ready for a session with a coach, but if you have been dancing for a while (especially if you have been doing performances) you should definitely consider the help of a coach.  You don’t have to be a competitive dancer to have a coach – they can help you with a performance or they can just help you with technique.  Any dancer can take away a valuable lesson from a coach and their training will only make you a better dancer.


When Can You Take Coaching?

Most people think you can only take coaching when you have a competition or show coming up, but you can actually take them all the time!  Whenever you get the chance or whenever a coach comes to your studio, you should be taking advantage of the opportunity to train with a coach.  Many dancers will sign up for masterclasses from professionals, not because they are preparing for something, but because they know that the professional will give them a treasured dance experience.  No matter what, you will always be able to learn something new.  Your dance journey is never finished and there will always be more things for you to work on.  Check in with our studio to see which coaches are coming in!


Happy Dancing! ^_^