Why We Think Dance is the Best Stress Reliever

Many people start taking dance lessons as a hobby, and over time, they may also find that it makes them happier.  Having an activity that you participate in regularly can ultimately be good for your health and wellbeing because it can end up being a stress reducer.  There are many activities people do to reduce and prevent stress, but of course we think dance is one of the best methods!  In this post, we will explain how dance can be a fantastic way to alleviate some of the stress in your life.


Places You in a Different Environment

Being in your workplace or home can sometimes be stressful if you have to deal with multiple responsibilities.  When you go to the dance studio, you get a small break from some problems you may be having in everyday life.  You may often hear people say that it’s good to go outside for a walk when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  This is because it’s good to get away from any stressful environments, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  The dance studio is one of the best places to go to de-stress because it’s a fun and welcoming place where everyone has a shared mindset - they just want to dance!


The Best Kind of Exercise

You have probably heard that exercise is a great stress reliever because it boosts endorphins.  Engaging in physical activity can also help you think more clearly, lower your blood pressure, and improve your overall self-image.  Not only is dance stress-relieving, but it also has many other health benefits such as improving memory, balance, flexibility, and easing depression.  It’s also a fun, social activity, which brings us to our next points…


It’s Fun!

Engaging in activities that you love can be a definite stress reducer.  When people are having fun, there will most likely be laughter.  In addition to making you happy, laughter also decreases stress, reduces artery inflammation, and increases HDL, which is good cholesterol.  Many dancers work hard to perfect the steps they are learning, but all agree that the overall process of dancing is a lot of fun.  We’re also certain many dancers can recall multiple moments in the dance studio that made them laugh!


You Hang Out With Friends

Studies find that visiting friends during stressful times can decrease levels of cortisol.  If you have made friends at your dance studio, being with them can boost your mood and lower your stress levels.  If you are new to a studio and haven’t made friends yet, that’s okay because face-to-face socialization has also been proven to reduce stress, and you’ll definitely get a lot of that with your instructor and other students who want to meet you!


It’s Repetitive

Repetitive behaviors and activities have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress.  Actions such as knitting, jewelry making, and other crafty activities have been shown to soothe anxiety and be an overall source of relaxation for many individuals.  Dance is definitely a repetitive activity, since you have to repeat steps multiple times in order to feel comfortable with them.  Your instructor will have you going over certain moves multiple times which will eventually end up releasing some of the stress you may have.


Puts You in a Flow State

Dance can put you in a meditative flow state which is actually a relaxing experience.  A flow state is a state of operation in which a person is fully immersed in a certain activity.  To be in a flow state, a person usually has to engage in an activity that they enjoy and are at least somewhat familiar with.  Think of how time seems to fly when you are doing something fun; this is what being in a flow state is like.  Dancers enter a flow state whenever they are practicing steps, dancing socially, or dancing through a routine.  Since they are fully immersed in their dance steps, their performance, or having fun with their dance partner, they can’t focus on other issues, thus relieving their stress.


Reminds You to Breathe

Slow breathing techniques and taking deep breaths generally helps people to stay calm and de-stress.  As you dance, you will obviously need to breathe, so dance is an activity that will remind you to do so.  Your instructor may also remind you to breathe as you are dancing (some dancers have a tendency to hold their breath if they are executing difficult moves).  When you’re done dancing, you will also need to take slow and deep breaths in order to get back to a resting heart rate.  After your lesson, you’ll find yourself feeling extremely refreshed, as well. 


Allows You to Unplug

As mentioned before, you have to fully immerse yourself into a dance lesson in order to really enjoy it, so that also means you have to disconnect from stressors on your phone.  Work calls, text messages, and certain kinds of online content can gradually become irritating.  Because of this, it’s healthy to disconnect from these annoyances every once in a while.  Being fully involved in a dance lesson is nice because you can distract yourself from your phone and other devices for a few minutes or hours.


Happy Dancing ^_^