Lucy with her Instructor Kyle


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Lucy Bozek

Ms. Lucy is originally from Chicago and moved to the Western Suburbs in 1978. At 18, she dedicated her life to the military for nearly 40 years. After retiring, she began enjoying time with her daughter and grandchildren. Due to many injuries from years of military service (including two knee replacements and a spinal fusion) she was recommended to stay physically active by her physician. She dove into research online and news articles on a fun and exciting way to stay active. She decided on dancing to keep her health on track.

 Ms. Lucy danced as a child but had taken no formal dance classes. She has always had a passion for music and a great rhythm to go with it. Growing older she learned to polka with her husband, and belly dance with her daughter. She always spoke about trying ballroom dance. When her doctor said to stay active she realized this was the perfect opportunity to give ballroom dance a try. In September of 2015, Ms. Lucy gave ballroom dancing a try and there was no looking back from there. She was hooked on learning new steps, on seeing how graceful she actually could move, and her own self confidence blossoming.

Ms. Lucy gives all the credit to her wonderful instructor Kyle Ruth. He took her under his wing and showed her over and over (and over) again the steps to her routines, the way her arms should flow, and being able to trust in her dance partner to take the lead. He has been a positive mentor in dance and kept her strong through a broken finger and all. He reminded her keep on trying and dance will happen. Kyle taught Lucy to follow her heart on the dance floor and dance with passion.