Ann Garvey has been passionate about dance all her life. However, it wasn’t until she began teaching ballroom dancing that she really experienced all the benefits and joys of dance and what it could do for others.  She began her training at an early age at a major chain within the ballroom dance industry. She went on to win many awards and national placements. 

            Starting a family of her own was always an important part of Ann’s life, and as she grew her family to 4 children her passion and love of dance naturally transcended through her children. While raising her children, Ann decided to teach ballroom dancing in her home. This was a great way for her to remain family focused while still being able to pursue her love of dance. For over ten years she continually taught, performed, and competed, as she grew her business to over 100 students.  Her children were an integral part of her dance business, assisting many times and learning dance and social skills at a very young age. 

           In the spring of 2006 Ann opened Celebrity Dance Studio where currently 3 of her 4 children work; Kimberly, Brian and Nicholas. In addition, 2 have married and their spouses, Michael and Cara work there as well. Ann continues to enjoy the benefits of dance whether it’s through the joy of teaching, the excitement of seeing people’s passion for dance, or being active in the community.  It is important to Ann that her studio always provides a warm inviting atmosphere so that everyone who walks in the door feels like a part of her family.